Bidding for CUMC 2016 has begun

Studc is now accepting bids for CUMC 2016. Please submit your bids before July 5, when bidding closes and Studc begins accepting student feedback.

More information is available here and through social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus).

Call for Applications to Studc

Like what we do? Want to get involved? We're looking for two co-chairs of our committee!

Each co-chair would serve a two year term starting in June 2015. Bilingualism is a strong asset.

Applications to the committee are due April 26, 2015 and consist of both a general member application and a chair-specific application.

Successful applicants will be notified on May 10, 2015.

CUMC 2015 Bids Available!

Click here for more information.

Update to the CUMC Transition Bid Process!

There is a new bidding process to host the next CUMC! Please see the CUMC page for more details.

Notes from the Margin

Volume 9 of Notes from the Margin is out!
(Click here to download)

Want to contribute? Email:

Funding opportunities

Cumc Award for Excellence

Apply for the CUMC Award for Excellence.

Deadline is March 31st every year.
Download your application here.

Event/Seminar/Conference Funding

Apply for financial support for you local student event/seminar/conference.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Download your form here.